delightfully organic

My mission is to empower others to serve as advocates for their own health. We cannot serve our loved ones well without a solid foundation of good health and self-care. 

I fulfill my mission through educating anyone and everyone who will listen on the importance of organic skincare to our overall well-being. To this end, I have partnered with Neal Yard's Remedies as an independent consultant. Learn more about the amazing work this organization is doing and shop organic delights here!

Why Neal's Yard Remedies?

When you support Neal's Yard Remedies (NYR), you are supporting:

  • global farming communities, by providing a fair wage 
  • the environment, by sustainable using wild-harvested ingredients
  • animals, who would otherwise be at risk for abuse in research labs
  • small business owners like me, by helping us make a difference in our homes, our communities, and in the world

Changing the world, one blue bottle at a time.