Aaaaaand...I'm back!

If you've been following this blog, you know that I was pregnant. I am delighted to share that I am no longer pregnant, as our sweet baby girl is now living on the outside! Grace Amy joined our family on May 4th, and I soaked up every second of my time at home with her. I chose to step away from the blog and largely step away from my social media accounts (follow me here and here if you aren't already!) to focus all of my energy on my baby. I feel so strongly about the importance of saying "no" to certain obligations and opportunities to say "yes" to bigger priorities. There is no bigger priority for me than my daughter, and I am so grateful for the nearly three months I got to spend with her with limited distractions. 

Now she is in day care and I am "back" in the real world. I am eager to bring more valuable content to this space. I know that some of this content will come from my new perspective as a mom (I still find it so surreal to refer to myself as a mom!) and some of this content will be consistent with my previous posts. Even in my new role, most of my interests and commitments remain the same - I'm still me! 

Thank you for your patience during my blogging hiatus and stay tuned for more (hopefully) good stuff!