Welcome to my little space on the internet.

As an avid blog enthusiast, I have wrestled with the idea of creating my own blog for years, questioning whether or not my words would add value to the already crowded interwebs or simply disappear into the ether.

After much consideration, I've determined that ultimately, it doesn't really matter if my blog goes viral or remains in the shadows. I hope to create a space to catalog what's important to me, to remind myself of my triumphs and my failures, to share what little wisdom I've gathered with the world in the hope that I can benefit even one person. If not, I know that transcribing my thoughts will at the very least benefit me tremendously, as I will have a means through which I can record my achievements large and small, hold myself accountable for accomplishing my goals, and learn from my prior mistakes.

This blog will contain some general musings on life and serve as a space for self-discovery, goal setting, organization and creativity. I've named it "D for Delightful" as I hope to celebrate those things that delight me, and find delight even in dark times. 

I hope you will join me, but if you don't, that's okay! If you'd like to learn more about the lady behind the blog, please visit my 'About' page. 

Thanks for reading!