who is d?

Why "D for Delightful"?

My name is Diana and my nickname has been "d" for many, many years. I'm not always delightful, but I aspire to be! I hope to share delightful stories, images and ideas in this space. 

What's this blog about, anyway?

This blog focuses on the issues that are most important to me, and you'll find posts on holistic living, healthy relationships, designing an intentional life as a young professional, and finding delight in each day. And some posts strictly about puppies.

Is blogging your job?

Blogging is my creative outlet! I am an organic beauty advocate and a marketing professional.

Where are you from?

I've lived in many places, including beautiful Maine, Vienna, and New York City, but I now reside with my husband, baby girl, and puppy in my hometown in Missouri.

So you're married?

Yes! I am one lucky girl, as I am married to the sweetest, handsomest, most thoughtful, most honorable man I know. We got married in August 2015 and I plan to share my best planning and organizational tips for all the brides (and grooms!), bridesmaids, and newlyweds out there. It's a very overwhelming time, but also can be so incredibly fun. 

And you have a kid?

Yes! I have a sweet baby girl, born May 2017. I fall more in love with her every day.

How old are you?

It's official, I've turned 30 and I feel a little weird about it.

Your puppy is so cute. What breed is he?

Yes I know, thanks! He is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. You can learn more about this sweet, playful, and dare I say delightful, breed here. I grew up with St. Bernard dogs, another amazing breed, and you can learn more about them here

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